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 Our business model is deeply rooted in supporting local farming communities as we source as many local ingredients as we can. Our burritos combine international flavors with Midwest simplicity--pulling inspiration from Asian and Indian cultures while creating recipes that match the Midwest palette. We are the most sustainable frozen burrito that you consumers will find for the Midwest market!

Heartland Burrito was founded in Iowa City, IA, in 2016, as the sister company to Local Burrito (est. 2009). Chef Kyle Sieck, founder of Local Burrito and Heartland Burrito, actively manages both companies with a small close knit crew. May-October find Chef Kyle and his food truck at the Iowa City Saturday Farmers Markets 7:30-12:00. Heartland Burrito's inspiration was created and continues to grow from our experiences, successes, failures and connections to our local farmers market community. 

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