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we are hiring

We are always open to meeting  interested, hardworking and kind people.

If you are passionate about local and organic food, we would love to hear from you.


As of September 2018 we are specifically seeking the following 

Kitchen cook technician- most every Tuesdays, choose a 6-8 hr shift between 9am-5pm, prepare, cook, clean and closing kitchen duties for Heartland Burrito frozen productions. This position will be trained to execute detailed recipes for food batches in the 500-600 unit range. Knowledge of food code, basic cooking skills, eye to detail, willingness to learn and take feedback and a good attitude towards dishes are all strongly recommended. Candidate will work  closely with Chef Kyle, ideal candidates are open to being trained to cook food eventually without Kyle’s supervision. Starting pay $11-12.50 pending food experience.

Kitchen production technician- most every Wednesdays, 9am-3:30pm, assist in all duties associated with burrito production- rolling burritos, stickering, packaging and clean-up. Requirements include being able to follow directions, follow food code, a good attitude and the ability to stand for 1-2 hrs at time on concrete floor. Starting pay $11-12.50 pending food experience.

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